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Hey now... BAD Blog Peeps,

Welcome to my Blog! First things first, when I say BAD it's really an acronym that stands for Beyond A Dream, So... "It's not Bad meaning Bad, but Bad meaning Good!" Thank you RunDMC for that cool lyric of the 80s!

Maybe you can already tell, this is my FIRST BLOG, not just on this platform either. This is my numero uno blogo ever... I wanted to let you know that just in case you might have a problem with my process.

I'm a writer, not even trying to be your typical blogger, but I'm going to try to make it engaging enough for you to want to chime in, to do that, I think I'm gonna need your help.

I plan on having deep, stimulating, intimate conversations with my readers. (Don't be a Creep!) I'm saying that I want to talk about important subject matters and offer you relevant information, maybe even give out some sound advice, (Not on a pro level, but hopefully helpful.) I'm just not sure what I want to talk about, as of yet.

Lately, I have become truly interested in finding out what people like, what you can't stand and why? I'm gonna be nosey and ask how you feel about certain things, the stuff that may irritate and frustrate most folks. Playing devil's advocate is my specialty. This is going to be so much fun! (for me)

Hell, I may decide to throw tiny turds at you from time to time. But if you start to feel sensitive or some kind of way about it, all you have to do is let me know. I get it, the discussion was a little too out of the box... (Just kidding, I don't care!)

Honestly, I can't imagine any topic being that risky nowadays. People are totally CRAY!!! Hey, whichever direction the wind takes you, the bottom line is, I would love to get your feedback. (Not just your emotional criticisms!)

While we are on the subject of what I would LOVE... I would absolutely love some sponsors, donations, and gifts. Yeah, I said that shit! Because I would, and I'd really appreciate it too!

Again, I warned you that many of my points of view might be too edgy for the average sheeple. I tend to have unpopular opinions. This could be because I am an Aquarian, an independent thinker.

That is to say, I am usually on an island alone when compared to my basic peers. Or it might be because I am a natural Contrarian? I question everything, it's all just a matrix of conspiracies to me! Does that make me the crazy one? I don't know!

And that's exactly why this experience is going to be so damn interesting! By the way, so nice to meet you. I'm Kacey, The Aquarian Contrarian. I'm not so bad, but I do tell it like it is. If I smell shit, I'm going to tell you something stank! That's just how I roll, I'm sure you get the gist.

Checking off, I warned you about my unpopular opinions, I speak my mind, If you can't take the heat... kick rocks!, Yada, Yada..., Oh, I'm a little snarky too! Obviously! (smile)

Okay, back to OPINIONS. We all know opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. It is perfectly fine that you have one too, but if you and I CAN'T SET HORSES, then one of us will have to go. Guess who that will be? Right...

Now going forward there will be less intro and more straight to the point, but I needed to set the table. Speaking of setting the table. There are a few more rules. My rules and they are simple.

(Sing it like a song) I make the rules, HERE. I can break the rules, HERE. I may even change and bend some of the rules, HERE. And sometimes there are NO rules, HERE...

(Stop singing) None except... PUT SOME RESPECT ON MY NAME! See, so simple.

Alright now that we got all that out of the way. I think we are ready to get started on some of those edgy topics! I'll try to begin gently. Can't wait to talk with ya again real soon on "The Aquarian Contrarian", MY BLOG!

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