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Who Is Using AI To Write Essays, Stories, And Books? If You Do, THEN POO ON YOU! 💩

But WHY though? Why would you intentionally fake your original manuscript by compromising your chances of being a great writer using AI when you damn well know that it may potentially be plagued with plagiarism?

The greats would never have dared to do such a crime. Think about what would have been the legacy of William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Langston Hughes, Stan Lee, Zora Neale Hurston, and my favorite writer of all time, Octavia E. Butler. Of course, we know that their work was 100% authentic, because, well, we didn't have AI and because they're dead. I even doubt if creepy Stephen King would dare do it, today.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of anyone who uses AI for their Essays, Stories, Books, or Manuscripts! Using AI for writing content that your brain did not create is wrong. Down with all AI writing tools especially in school! I guess I'm old fashion that way. Wait, let me clarify and adjust a prior comment.

I think we should keep one specific AI tool, Grammarly, we need it! Cause some of you can't spell worth a hot damn! So, "It's wrong to use AI for writing content that your brain did not create", except for when you are using it for spelling, punctuation, and context checking. Gotta keep The Gramm-Bam!

Shall I continue... Sure it's fun to use AI for those crazy futuristic photos and some of those very wild art forms when it's just for fun. You know the one I'm talking about, (Chat GPT) Chitchat Generating Plagiarism Trainer. And I'm certain that there are some that ain't so bad. I just don't care for them when intended for the wrong purpose.

I feel like AI is a silent assassin, almost an impostor. I think that people depend on it so heavily that it seriously cheapens the writing experience, making writing unglamorous and even less respectable. If you must use it often just to be creative then maybe you ain't got the juice. I suggest that you should simply stop squeezing! (Ha..., I just made that up.)

I mean, who the hell can't be an Author using AI software?

Hey, I am being really specific here. AI can be a useful tool for things like creating promotions, finding leads, and doing research, (hopefully, it's accurate information), but there are some things like WRITING..., that should remain pure and completely organic! Use your BRAIN PEOPLE!

Albert Einstein said, "Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun!" And I believe what he said is 100% true! Therefore, AI is an Imagination Stealer!

This short story below is how I feel about AI. Let's pretend for a moment that AI is a part of a Secret Society, They Are EVERYWHERE...

Peacefully, I finally finished writing one of my favorite science fiction stories. I am completely zoned in and fully engaged at my desk. After all these many quiet years of writing, stopping, and then rewriting to change small bits here and there. I do believe that this is my very best work. This story has made me feel accomplished.

Although I am not quite ready to share my special gift with the world. I am happy with my story. I am patiently waiting for the right moment to get this manuscript published. I continue to hesitate for fine-tuning, and the truth is I haven't seen anything like it out there. Not an issue because I have plenty of time, right?

Suddenly, I notice a major book buzz. I see others popping up with eBooks, memoirs, novellas, and children's books. Everyone is a writer! Folks are simply doing their thing. I say good for them, but am I ready? I don't know. I inquire anyway.

I want to do it a certain way, the traditional way. The publishing process can be a long road ahead. I was told that there was another way and that process was seemingly fast and easy. Apparently, it was time. I finally decided to go for it. I chose to self-publish something less weighted, so I picked one of my children's stories first.

I created a quick but sweet and inspiring book to sell on Amazon. Why not, I've been sitting on my many manuscripts forever, and I knew it was way past time for me to become a Published Author. They say never tell people what you're doing, just do it!

(Oh, BTW, today I can publish YOUR books for you, too!)

Then as soon as I get my cute little paperback book out there. Out of nowhere, a sly but subtle Mr. AI sneaks up into my sacred circle (The Writer's Rooms) with all of his sophisticated Artificial Intelligence BS. Although he was still writing whack-ass stories, I could tell he was a quick study!

In the meantime, there are writers, actors, and industry people who have lost their jobs, because of Artificial Intelligence. He begins playfully and then he offers his assistance for free. He appears to be able to do almost everything I can do, only 10 times faster than I can do it! Eventually, I can no longer keep up!

Things are changing so fast in my circle. The things that took me YEARS and EFFORT to learn are no longer being taught in the correct way. I saw my skillset being snatched away and replaced by a robot in an instant.

What about the development and hard work that I put into learning my craft? I understand why it is almost pointless. For those who haven't been there, they wouldn't understand this, but for those of us who have experienced what I'm talking about, OMG! I am told to Embrace The Change... Now, I know exactly how the people from "The Silent Generation" felt.

We have to just deal with it! Really!?

But I digress...

Just so you are aware, AI has been around for a lot longer than people think, in several industries. It just wasn't used by so-called Authors like it is nowadays. And I do realize AI has its place in business, just not in the book-writing business. That's my opinion, and as "The Aquarian Contrarian", I'm sticking to it!

I find that so many folks think AI is the best thing since MAX HEADROOM from MTV. (I loved him back in the day!)

Am I the only one who's kind of hoping it will all just go away, like passing gas? I want writing to go back to the way we used to write. Quill Feather Pen and Ink Sets anyone? Okay, maybe not that far back, but say around 2010, yeah? I think AI should be banned in certain business industries. Who's with me?

Technology WILL take over soon enough yawl, so can we NOT help it along? Don't you still need your jobs? I don't mean to sound like a 21st Century Hippy, but you gotta admit this AI shit is moving faster than a Conservative leaving California. Many Gen-X'ers struggle to hang on, and most Boomers have already fallen off.

What's next, purchasing our own in-home robot?

I'm just say'n, I don't like the wave we're on, and it will affect us all like a Hurricane! If you don't believe me, look around. Actively take a look at what's happening at your grocery stores, fast food chains, banks, and the PC software that you and your kids use for school and business. How can it be a good thing if people and their brains are being replaced by machines?

I just had to get that off of my chest! Now my promise to you is..., ALL of My Books will always be written by yours truly, ME, Kacey Powell-Thorps. Honestly, they are already written. If I EVER use AI writing software to write my books creating plagiarism pools down the road, and you have your Receipts, then you have my permission to throw POO on me.💩(Figuratively speaking only, you bet not evah throw no real shit my way!) I ain't play'n!!!

You never know, one day I might change my mind about AI and content. (I sincerely doubt it) I may even be forced to change. (We are talking about AI). Until then I encourage every authentic, unique, organic, original writer and author to be true to the craft and your work. Remember, WRITERS, WRITE!

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