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What's in a name? So freak'n much! AFRICA, or AFRIKA, or APRICA, CUSH, KESH, LAND OF HAM, NUBIA, and KEMET, Back to the origin of the name known as, ALKEBULAN.

More information has been brought to light about Africa and Genetics. Watch the quick video and let's go there for a minute.

This is honestly common sense to me. Why is it even an issue for so many others? Ohhhh... Is it because "they" still don't want to accept the simple fact that Black people's genetics is the key and the source of all Human DNA?  Duh, right!!!

Ultimately, scientists throughout history, especially the scientists who were non-people of color have searched for those few answers to the most asked questions which were, WHAT ARE WE?, WHERE DO WE COME FROM?, And WHAT CAME FIRST, THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? They are each ginormous questions, but I believe what they were truly looking for was the answer to, WHO IS THE MOST SUPERIOR HUMAN RACE?

See when you factor in the word "superior" and use it to explain that something is significantly better than the other, that's when the shit hits the fan! What this blog is revealing is where all of the racial genetic traits from all international backgrounds around the world come from. Not who is better, but... we have our opinions.

The scientists found their answers, but the problem was they kept finding that the more they looked, the more they found out that the diverse and superior gene pool must be in the African continent where very specific and unique identifiers that are only found in Black people's Human DNA. Uh-Oh!

How did this natural phenomenon create the healthiest, strongest, people on earth in the healthiest and most high-functioning categories? Therefore they must be genetically the best!

There lies the main question. Are Black People the Supieor Beings? But Why Tho??? The reasoning is too mind-blowing to share, so they had to keep it a secret, but today I will tell you what the secret is. Listen or Read very carefully. The Secret is... Humanity began with Black people! Wait, a flipping minute! What are you saying? Yes, it's true! But isn't it obvious?

I can understand why some scientists still have challenges believing their findings from the many microorganisms, the extensive research, and the data from hundreds to thousands of years ago to date based on genetic historical facts. It doesn't tell the story that they were looking for or were expecting. They are stumped or in denial. The truth is implausible, unexplainable, but not impossible. It is hard for many to accept that the zebra just won't change its stripes!

I am passionate about a few things and two of them are science and Black history. I respect science and scientists who are mostly fact-driven without any bias. I almost wish that all scientists were high-functioning autistic geniuses because they are awesome people! Autistic people are often fact-driven and they can be extremely determined to find the root of how things work in whatever the subject matter or topic is.

I love that specialness about them. In my opinion, they are gifted! This may sound strange, but if Autistic Scientists were doing the research back in the day, I think DNA and genetic research would be so much further advanced by now. We would've held that knowledge about human life and where it began many moons ago. Well, maybe we did know, but those with agendas desperately try to cover up facts, as they continue to do.

Back to my point. ALL races took different seeds from Black DNA to eventually form their genetics with looks being the most simplistic of human identifiers. Although they say it's complex, I think that part was the easiest to figure out. People look the way they do because of the environment, genetics, and time-made choices.

This is why there are people with certain colors of eyes and hair, and hair textures, onto their facial features, teeth, and body shapes, and then there's the biggest identifier of them all to those that care, the skin pigmentations. You would think that this picture should have more melanated people but, denial wins again.

As long as you know that we all came from Black people and that should be that! (The Mother of Mankind) (The Garden of Eden) (Land of The Sun) which is the translation of the names under the title, now known as Africa.

BTW, we're all distant cousins! This is an interesting video that explains more about Genetics and Skin Color. WARNING: The information is from an Antropoligist's research with some theories of Evolution and Natural Selection. But very good.

And to think that one day, far in the future it won't even matter anymore, because we're all going to be one big beautiful multiracial blend of people. (As if we aren't already). THEN... the truth will finally be realized and damn near irrelevant, and accepted by everyone. Guess I'll just have to wait.

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