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Children's Books

Do You Know The Acting Bug?

The Acting Bug is inside of every young child, some more than others.  In this book a little girl with a big imagination named Rosie is looking everywhere for the Acting Bug,  and she is on a mission to find it! Follow Rosie as she goes on an exciting adventure in her own backyard. 

I Love To Sing, That's My Thing!

Do You Love To Sing? I do too! In this story there is a girl named Melody. All of her family and her friends already know that Melody loves to sing, that's her thing! As she shares her passion for singing with just about everyone she meets she can't help but dream about that special day when she will become a SUPERSTAR...!

I Love To Dance, This Is My Chance!

A little girl named Bella loves to Dance. Everyday Bella waits for her big chance. Unfortunately Bella has never been chosen to be the lead dancer in her group. But no matter, because Bella knows that she is a great dancer, so she stays ready for her moment to shine in the spot light. 

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I Love My Plants, But I Don't Like Ants!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or afraid of anything? It's completely normal! Uncomfortable situations will happen, but how will you handle it? What would you do if an ANT in your garden said that it was uncomfortable with you? This strange but funny adventure just might give you a little empathy for the Ants in your garden.

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I Love To Act, And That's A Fact!

Maximus McNall loves to pretend to be someone or something else entirely. He say's Acting is Fun and Cool! This book can motivate and inspire all children who seek more than video games for entertainment. Especially if they enjoy being the entertainment, then they will love this book! Let's introduce them to The Arts!

Copy of 3-4-24 My First Sleepover Front and Back Cover plus Manuscript and Illustrations.j

My First Sleepover

This book offers a helpful guide to assure children there is no need to panic when packing a bag for a sleepover. This night is about yummy snacks, giggles, and spending quality time with friends. This book has a list for packing an overnight bag so now its easy peasy, All you need is a little confidence, your teddy bear and the basics for one night.

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The ABCs Emboldened And Alphabets
In ASL, Inspired By Children Of Color 

Learning The Alphabets with an Ethnic Vibe. This book offers more than just The ABC's. Children will grow their vocabulary, and learn Black history that will give then a sense of pride while teaching them the alphabets in ASL. An early education book rooted in Black and Afrocentric Values.

Inspirational Books

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Dance Like Nobody Is Watching,
But You Know That They Are!

Are you fascinated by amazing dance moves, cultural dances from around the world and inspiring words that give you HOPE? Me Too! This is the perfect picture book for an aspiring dancer! Dedicated to my fellow SOUL TRAIN DANCERS. I hope it makes you want to move it, move it! 


Moon World - Invasion Of The Galatians

When We Leave Earth, Where Will We Go? And Who Will Be There To Greet Us?


This story explores many other worldly possibilities for those that have no idea what the next world may have in store for us. Get ready to be anomalous of what we know. Join me on my Sci-Fi journey as we somehow end up far, far... away.



A to Z of CREDIT - The Good, The Bad,
And The Unknown



This book is the real deal reveal! Co-Authored by two Credit Specialists, with 15+ years of experience. Helping clients that started with no credit or as low as 400 FICO, reach the highest points of 850 FICO Scores. You will understand what to do to improve your credit and keep it at it's best! Be A Hero, Not A Zero. Begin reading A To Z!


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