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About the Author

Hi, I'm Kacey, welcome to my Author's Website! Yes, I am a published author! I also hold the titles of actress, producer, director, and a few more gratifying titles like wife and mother. I was born and raised in California, but my parents were raised in Canton, Ohio, where their love and their passion for singing and music first blossomed. 

The art of music has always been a big part of my family's background, especially with my Ohioan folks. I must admit that it's in my blood on both sides! My interest in The Arts didn't necessarily begin with music though. It was always there; however, it was my Mother who introduced me to the arts via acting as a very young child. I did a couple of commercials and some kids' shows. Allow me to go back a bit, so I can tell you how my family got me started on my journey.

My Dad was a truly talented lead tenor in a doo-wop boy's singing group at McKinley High School, which later became a famous R&B singing group known as, The OJay's. My Mom sang in a teen girl's group at the same high school, she wasn't interested in pursuing singing as a career, being married to a professional singer was quite enough for her. My Mom did enjoy acting for a bit, but her main goal and focus was on raising her two daughters, while our Dad traveled the world to do what he did best, SING...!

As young girls, our Mom kept that spark of musical energy always around us, in our home, and forever in our hearts. My tender childhood memories are where my inspiration ultimately comes from. It all began with singing, but it wasn't until I was a pre-teen when the singing bug took that first bite. That's when I started to love entertainment. I would sing with my friends, creating crazy songs while dancing on my rooftop and anywhere we could do our thing.


Before I even began to understand how the entertainment world really worked, there were fun opportunities popping out of nowhere. When I was barely 15 years old, "I Was A Soul Train Dancer!"  I did music videos, and background vocals, and tried my very brief stint in a teen girl's singing group. (It didn't last long, but it was interesting, to say the least) Lol...


By the time I became a young adult, many things in my life had changed, as they often do.  I decided to stop singing, and then I enrolled in college. I took theater, music, business, real estate, and writing courses then I finally graduated with Lib. Arts Degree. However, even while I was in college, I ended up singing in my school choral ensemble and had more opportunities when I wasn't even looking for them.

Today, I love to sing, dance act and write! A few years back I decided to continue my acting career. I got my chops and I like a challenge. How many can say that they produced a TV talk show in the 90s? (Okay, it was public access, but it was on TV!) I feel blessed that I was able to experience all the awesome things that I have done. I am grateful and proud of my accomplishments.

I realize now that my life was and continues to be full of teachable moments. No matter if the situation turned out to be good or not so good. I feel that my lessons had a way of giving me exactly what I needed. Even now in the present, I am still learning more life lessons.

Many exciting years have come and gone, now as a mature adult, I am on another path. Although I have been writing stories, screenplays, and manuscripts for years, most of them are unpublished for now, but not for long. I figured it was time for yet another change. Lately, I have been extremely focused on my writing. I believe this is what I am called to do. Writing has always brought me tremendous joy and balance.

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and in its own time. Yet, I also believe in having the ability to create our own destiny. If you have the will and desire to make things happen, you can do it! As I mentioned, my childhood to my adult years are what have inspired me to write my stories.

Currently, I am writing a series of fun and encouraging Children's Books. I've learned that it's never too late to enjoy doing what you truly love. ​My goal is to enlighten people on their journey through life, with an inspired mind, heart, and soul. So, stay on the lookout for what comes next.

Always Live Beyond A Dream... 

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